Looking for a plan manager who understands the NDIS process?

We can help manage your budget,
maximise your plan and save you time.

How we help

How We Help You

When you receive an NDIS Plan, it can be confusing and overwhelming. It is your choice how you would like to manage your NDIS funding, whether it be through the NDIA, a plan manager, self-managing or a combination. At JRA, we provide support and assistance to manage your funding efficiently, so you have more time to enjoy life!

How can a Plan Manager assist you?

We help to connect you with providers which suit your needs. We work directly with all of your providers to ensure payments and invoice processing are seamless.

We pay all your provider invoices on your behalf, so there is less hassle and involvement. Rest assured we promptly pay all providers on time and your budget is always up to date.

We can organise reimbursements from the NDIS for services that you have paid for from your own pocket. This gives you more flexibility and choice about your providers.

We are here to help you understand what can be included in your plan and make sure you use it effectively. Plan Managers can minimise the risk of over or underspending, as well as, providing monthly statements, so you are up to date with your NDIS budget.

Why should I use a Plan Manager?

The great thing about plan management is there is no out of pocket costs to you! Plan management fees are paid by the NDIS and do not come out of your support budget.

Managing a plan can be time-consuming and confusing! We can take all the guesswork out of NDIS planning, so you can spend more time on what’s important.

We know the NDIS from the inside out. We can help you understand your plan and its inclusions, so it can be used to its full potential.

If the NDIS manages your plan, you are restricted to only using NDIS registered providers. When you use a plan manager, you can choose any provider you want!

Why Choose JRA?

At JRA, we understand the challenges you face before and after receiving your NDIS plan. JRA’s director has children who have received NDIS funding, so she has been through the whole process before. We understand the confusion and stress managing your plan can cause and want to help make your life easier!

Unlike other big companies who have multiple plan managers, when you choose JRA, you will only have one plan manager looking after you. We believe in having long-standing relationships with our clients and rest assured you’re working with a professional you know and trust.

Our goal is to help you become confident in your plan so you can eventually manage it yourself, if that is your choice. We can help you build the skills to undertake the tasks associated with the management of your plan so you can become financially independent.

At JRA, we do more than just pay your invoices. We are here to support you and your life goals in any way we can. We provide ongoing support so you can reach out to your plan manager at any time with questions, concerns or just for a chat!